Classic casino games-online table games

The timeless classics were what defined the good old land-based casinos and these are of course also available at Norsk casino.

Table games like roulette and blackjack are arguably best when played against a real dealer, but they are also available as computer – simulated games-here they can come with the occasional twist that will make the most conservative players shake their heads condescendingly. But as we have already mentioned, it is not a bad idea for beginners to start with these games to get a feel for how they work and to find their own style, before they throw themselves into the live game. Just remember to choose games with classic rules.

In addition to these two table games that are great both for players of all levels, there are also a number of other exciting games for the Restless. Here are games like Casino Hold’em Poker, and other poker variants, Baccarat (also known as Punto Banco) and Sic Bo. And although the rules of the game are at the table and although there are a number of technological hints to help the player, it is always best to try out the games before taking the step out to the live casino.

Video poker and other poker games

Poker is a game that most people know or have heard of. At the casino it can be played against a computer in the form of video poker or it can be played against other players and as we looked at above, there are types of poker that are played against a live dealer.

Video poker is one of the best games when it comes to odds and house edge, but it also requires knowledge of the game and to be honest it can get a bit boring in the long run. With the introduction of live poker in poker rooms, where players play against each other, poker is played as it should be played and it becomes much more exciting compared to video poker.

If this is something you would like to try your hand at, then look for the big gaming portals in the industry, because without a decent number of players, then it can become difficult to find a free place at the tables with appropriate bet levels.

Bingo game

Bingo is no longer what it once was, and that’s actually a good thing, because in an elongated and sometimes piggy country like ours, it would have meant that not many of us had access to play Bingo. But once again, technology has come to our rescue and many of our casino sites offer bingo, both in the traditional format and in more modern variants. Some have chat rooms attached to give us the social dimension that made bingo halls so popular. Sometimes side games are offered and some have jackpots.

Lotto and National Lotteries around the world

Lotteries are one of the oldest forms of organized gambling and it has created many millionaires over the years. Around 200 BC, lotteries were used to finance the expansion and repair of the Great Wall of China. And the oldest and still functioning lottery in the world is the Spanish Christmas lottery El Gordo which has been operating uninterruptedly since 1812. Not even during the civil war were the draws canceled!

Today we have the opportunity to participate in many of the world’s biggest lotteries without so much as putting our foot outside the door at home. Many of today’s gaming portals offer us the opportunity to play on lotteries with dizzyingly high prizes with a couple of mouse clicks. You can play on lotteries from Europe, from the USA and from Latin America.

Online scratch cards

Scratch cards are something most of us have bought at the kiosk or at the grocery store once in a while. It is a welcome opportunity to get a little extra excitement in everyday life. The game is simple and uncomplicated and you will immediately get an answer to whether you have won. Now these simple games have also taken the step to the digital and many Norwegian casinos have a selection of scratch cards at different prices available.

Modern technology has also added nye dimensions to this game. It’s no longer just paper cards with pictures on them and the games have the potential to give you hours of entertainment. By the way, you can try some of them for free at some casinos.