Nye casino sites for Norwegian players

Nye Nye casino sites will be specially adapted for UK players. They may not be created by Norwegians, but they should at least offer Norwegian support, and all information should be available in Norwegian. Norwegian players are also highly valued by foreign gaming companies. This is because we are relatively easy and straightforward to carry and do, and that we usually have slightly thicker wallets than many other nationalities. We are not afraid to try nye things and concepts. This means that new casino sites often want to start their launch in Norway.Nye casino

So even if the name you find in the leaderboard does not look particularly Norwegian, you can expect that they are well adapted for Norwegian players as well. This is especially true of the payment methods that are adapted to us Norwegians and give us good options and with the latest and best encryption technology.

Norway's best guide to nye nettcasino

We at NorskeCasinoer have been working in the industry for quite a few years now, and this has eventually given us very good contacts in the industry. This is in addition to the fact that most of us here in the editorial office like to play Norwegian online casino. This makes working here not just a job, it’s a passion. That is why we often have a unique insight into what is happening in the casino market and that is why we often get information long before the general public.

We often know what will be launched long before it is launched and when we come across a casino that has not yet been launched, but that we really believe in for the future, then we will add it to our list. This is why you can find casinos for 2022 here. If the casino is not yet launched, this will be clearly stated in the list, and will always have a zero rating. Nye Nye if you don’t get to test out the new casino yet, it can still be cool to see what’s going on, and what the new, Norwegian casino sites will look like in 2022.

Nye casinos for mobile

The habits of Norwegians with regard to the use of technology have changed a lot in recent years. Today, the vast majority of visitors to our nye casinos come via some mobile device. Nye Nye casino sites have been specially developed with mobile in mind and the already existing casinos are updated and relaunched as brand new. These are some that you will notice on the design and on the flow and on the user interface.

The technology that applies today is called responsive design and this makes the casinos adapt to the size of the screen on your device. If you visit the casino from mobile or from tablet then the site will behave in a way. If you visit from data then the page will behave in a different way. You will see that the menu moves and becomes smaller, that text and images break and lay over or under each other.

This provides a hassle-free-experience no matter what device you’re playing on. Since the casinos pay the developer for the games they want to have represented on their site, you will also notice that the titles that are there will also be represented in mobile versions. This is something that really excels at our nye casino sites online.